What Vancouver’s largest designer warehouse sale is really like

I didn’t know what to expect at first. Initially, I thought that the event would be a casual sale but as I gave it more thought I gradually became more worried that it would be the same level of extreme as Aritzia’s famous annual warehouse sale (with a line that stretches all the way along the boardwalk).

When I arrived, I was pleased to find out that the only line I had to wait in only took 20 minutes of my time. The remaining three hours I spent touching and admiring and trying on designer clothes and shoes.

Walking in, I was euphoric, in absolute awe, and overwhelmed all at once. The room was massive, being held in the Vancouver Convention Centre at Canada Place, and an area filled with clothing racks greeted me when I walked in. Before the rows of clothing racks, to the left, was a long table of bags (not small handbags, but the bigger, almost-like-a-backpack bags).

I was handed a big shopping bag and off I went to venture between rows of designer brands. I saw big brand names everywhere I looked- it was heaven in one room. Versace, Balmain, Burberry, Off White, Stella Mccartney- you name it. It was all there.


In the midst of it all, a DJ was set up in the middle of the room, setting the mood of the sale. Right beside him, a selfie booth was propped up. As if the designer sale itself wasn’t good enough, this just made it the ultimate shopping experience.


I walked down every aisle at least once before I made my way over to the back of the room. Here, my jaw dropped.


Shoes everywhere. It was the most beautiful sight. Heels, platform sandals, mules, boots, sneakers and even slides too. As much as I would have loved a pair of extravagant heels, I ended up walking away with a pair of Chiara Ferragni stardust sneakers.


I returned to the clothing racks shortly after, browsing just another more time. Near the front of the room, just before the check out, I noticed another table. Walking over, I realized this was the accessories table. Scarves, belts, undergarments, phone cases, ties, and other things were opened and scattered across the table. It was a hot mess as shoppers picked things up, examined them, and put them back down, quickly moving on to the next item.


To the side was a table that many shoppers confused with the check out because of the lined up crowd hovering over it. The crowd extended into a line which snaked between stanchions. I couldn’t help my curiosity so I joined the goggling crowd.


Coming up to the table, I thought I’ve seen enough beautiful designer pieces, but I was happy to be wrong.


I’ve finally found the designer handbags.


The designs ranged from extravagant to lavish, with handbags both unique and, some, casually beautiful.


I had my turn goggling at the table, wishing I had the budget to afford any of the beautiful handbags.


Coming up to the end of the table and back to the reality of my relatively small budget, I moved on. Just shortly after browsing another Chiara Ferragni piece, I was approached by a guy who was working in the warehouse sale. I couldn’t believe what he said next.


Being a tad bit dazed after shopping for nearly three hours, I couldn’t figure out at first what he was asking of me. In the end, all I remember hearing was “invite only section.” Then he beckoned me to follow, at which point I realized that I was being taken to an exclusive area of the sale. I was feeling a weird feeling of euphoria and was struggling to fathom the fact that, of all people, I was invited to an invite-only section.


Walking up to a black curtain with a security guard blocking the entrance, the guy gave him a nod and he pulled back the curtain, revealing a small closed of section with several clothing racks and a mirror. “Have fun,” he told me and disappeared back into the main sale. At this point, my day couldn’t have gotten any better.


I walked in and started browsing, marvelling at each item. The only difference between this invite-only section and the main sale, I noticed, was that these luxuries were pricier. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the experience.


After a while, I started to feel the toll of the hours settling in. I felt dizzy, thirsty, and drained, meaning it was time to leave. I left Vancouver’s largest designer warehouse sale with four designer pieces and almost $800 less in my account. All I have to say to this: no regrets.