Big turnout to first-time Diwali event at Mackin House breaks boundaries

Mackin House Museum hosted its first Diwali Family Day event to celebrate the upcoming annual Diwali festival. As anticipated, the event was open for all and was to educate about the well-known festival of light. But it is more than just an informative event.

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Every year, communities turn haunted to celebrate the spooky spirit of Halloween. Not only do neighborhood kids run around their street collecting candy and other goodies in costumes in the chilly night, but some of the neighbors also go above and beyond to embody the scary theme. What usually stands as a regular house becomes a haunted house around this time of the year. Some houses go past the mere appearance, such as one popular attraction in Anmore, B.C. where people can go through the house itself (and be scared by what's waiting for them inside).

New Westminster is making accessibility accessible

The topic of accessibility extends beyond just those with impairments and disabilities. From coworkers and classmates to home caregivers to infrastructure development, accessibility impacts nearly every aspect of people’s everyday lives.

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November 11th- the one occasion that isn't celebrated. As the name says it all, the day is to take a moment in our busy lives to remember all the lives taken by the first World War. In Canada, it is just as grand of a day as is any other big holiday. Parades and ceremonies are held in communities all across the country to remember and to honour.

We all are well-aware of the significance of Remembrance Day. We all know to be solemn, not applaud, and show respect. But in a country known for diversity and immigrant-acceptance, do most people still truly remember the significance of the day?