My Story

An ambitious creative is what I am. Since picking up my first book as a toddler, I've read and written my way to where I am today; an aspiring blogger and journalist at BCIT. I was born into this fresh era of tech-savvy kids in the year 2001 and spent my early childhood in several cities across Canada. My family settled in Vancouver's suburbs, a cozy place I can call home. Graduating from Pinetree Secondary School, I moved on to something better: Broadcast and Online Journalism at BCIT.

Dreamers never stop dreaming. I've learned this as I grew up, seeing my little daydreams come and go and some evolving into grand plans and ambitious life goals. My dreams have brought me here– to BCIT. I aspire to be a blogger, content writer, and journalist and to let my writing talent and passion guide me to a wonderful career.

In life, every person has their calling. Mine began as a faint whisper; a liking for creative writing from a young age. I would write creative short stories and, later, poetry. I was born with a fascination for words and a vision flooded with symbolism and metaphors, all of which keeps my pen scribbling. In my eighteen years I've started (and continue to sporadically write) a fantasy novel, wrote for my highschool newspaper, submitted to and won a poetry contest, and continue to write poetry to this day. As I matured, my calling became clearer and more vivid; I can finally hear it. Upon entering BCIT, I've embarked on a journey (with my pen and paper in hand of course) to take my writing further into blogging and journalism.