Hey! I’m Maria Diment and welcome to my portfolio

This is a collection of personal and academic
projects to showcase my work as a student

Hey! I'm Maria Diment and welcome to my portfolio

What I Love Doing

Journalism is an art; a beautiful, creative craft that offers so many more mediums alongside writing. It’s a passion and listed below are just a few skills that I love and can offer.

Writing and Editing

Telling creative, interesting and original stories in news, editorial, script or court document writing.

Online and Social Media

Generate content and engage an audience across various online platforms.

Photo and Video Journalism

Capture and tell a story through photo and film.

Audio-Visual Editing Software

Experience with Adobe, Burli, Canva and other professional software.

Radio and Audio Documentary

Use sound to convey a story through creative and descriptive audio documentary or concise news.

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